Valentine Day Card Gallery

Here is the Showcase Gallery of Valentine Day cards made for past years. All my cards are original, and though some may look similar, not one will ever be

Browse this page as a gallery of my work for this special holiday. This yearValentine Card will bring new and exciting looks in handmade Valentine Greetings. All items feature the tea bag fold medallion, in all shapes galore, accented with a variety of heart shapes.

I found a treasure trove of books at the 99c Store. Books for less than 60 cents with awesome pirate graphics. It has been a kick making collages on cards and tea bag folding my favorites. I have made Valentines with a special seafaring twist or a purple sunset of suburbia.

Sometimes it is the folding that is the highlight of the card, and other times, theme or paper color is the main focus.

Exercise in Valentine Ideas

The four photos above refreshes my idea mill and that is one reason to take pictures of the handmade cards you have made.


Pirate Valentine Cards

I bought 9 books about pirates at the 99 cent Store. I cut up the pages for pirate theme cards. Many were for Valentine’s Day. Here are some designs I ended up with.


Shipping Policies

I mail out orders the same day or the next day if the greetings are already made. I use the US Post Office and ship in the yellow bubble lined envelopes or a box, depending on the number of cards ordered.

I will leave an email as to when the order was dropped in the mail bin. In my town all the mail for that day is processed and taken to the central hub Monday through Friday evenings. USPS now tracks all packages and I will email your tracking code if your order is a package.

I do not use any individual card cello packaging to save on money and footprint for you and me.

Shipping is $2.07 for orders in the U.S.Handmade Greeting card

Using Printables to Make Originals

I use the original photo Suburban Winter Sunset as Valentine cards by getting postcards and tiles printed through Zazzle.

Request this design through Zazzle or order a version with rosettes through the comment section below. The message could be “I’m all tangled up in you.” “At the end of the day you are my mellow yellow.” Well, maybe that is a bit corny, but do you get the idea?

Suburbia Winter Sunset in Southern California.

Suburbia Winter Sunset in Southern California.

With experience at the Farmer’s Market I have found Grandmothers and the baby boomer Mothers love motifs of my design.

If you have given your mother twenty-five Valentines make this year’s a handmade Valentine. Requests for your favorites are accepted at


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