Introduction to Tea Bag Folding – Flat Fold Origami

I explained in the About Paperfacets page how I started calling this Tiny Van Der Plas and Janet Wilson paper craft, flat fold origami. I also want to mention that Tomoko Fuse has called small square origami, modular origami and flat unit origami.

Keep in mind using glue, as we do here, is not an aesthetic of official origami. This may be why Van Der Plas and Wilson went with tea bag folding. One of their books is shown here.

The advantage of learning this type of paper folding is most of the finished rosettes can be pressed down for putting in envelopes and on scrapbook pages. No need to buy stickers or embellishments. Make your own embellishments.

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I look forward with sharing my favorite hobby with you.
Teabag Folding




Introduction to Tea Bag Folding – Flat Fold Origami — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Sherry, I really like you site, its always nice seeing new ways for doing art. I have heard of Tea Bag Folding but never did any research on the subject. You have some great information on the subject well worth reading.

    • Thanks you very much Travis. You are a champion of photography on gifts and I have actually taken one of my images had it printed at a POD and folded the resulting tiles for greeting cards. I am looking to combine the two interests more in the future.

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