Teabag Folding Pattern – Beginners Will Enjoy This One

This is a good tea bag folding pattern for beginners I learned through Ruth at the Pilgrim’s Place in Claremont. I was organizing a class and I asked her which patternsimple card embellishment she found was easiest for a beginner. She taught this to a ten year old with limited English. The student was visiting from Norway and staying with her Grandmother.

The fold is easy because only four tiles are needed. Consider it for a scout group craft or classroom Holiday memory for the parents. The two classes at the Homestead Museum went very well and no one had trouble making the Christmas card embellishment shown here.

The squares used here are from an old middle school chorus text book. Plenty of pages for many embellishments.

There are quite a few photos here to show each step with simple detail. Please leave a comment if anything is not clear.

beginner TBF patternGetting Started with a Card Embellishment

  1. You will need 5 tiles for this project. 2×2 inch squares are good for a A2 size notecard, (4.25 X 5.5). A couple of larger squares for practice is a good starter.
  2. For economy create an A2 greeting card by cutting a sheet of 8.5 x 11 inch card stock in half.
  3. Glue
  4. Various decorative papers for backgrounds.

Click on First thumbnail to see tutorial. Press “i” to see information or captions.


easy tea bag folding pattern

Finish the Embellishment

Placing the squares on the straight edge of the tile creates additional points for the medallion.

Completed Cards for the Holidays

simple card embellishment


simple card embellishment


Make Lots of Cards Using a Package of 8 1/2 by 11 Cardstock

Simply cut this cardstock in half for size A2 cards. 65lb. weight cardstock makes crisp cards that will stand up on the mantel for display. American Crafts makes a wide range of colors for creative genius and color fun.

Look for seasonal colors at your nearby crafts store or look online.

If you have any questions leave a comment. I will be glad to help.





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