Add Motifs to Make Theme Greeting Cards

Make Your Own Theme Greeting Cards

If you have a paper collection for TBF, use the themes to make special greetings for giftees having interests that need speaking about. The music devotee who likes classical or sings in a choir is an example.

A rosette made from the pages of a surplus middle school choir text is an idea. The third photograph below shows a music themed card.
Themed Greeting CardsSticky notes is another source for making themed rosettes. I even found stickies for the chihuahua, a dog I see almost everyday, even though I do not have one. Everyone generally has a favorite animal; say, sea turtles, elephants, giraffes. I have folded them all.

Maps are very interesting to fold. I get a CA State Park map twice a year. I now have enough maps to fold. I can highlight Big Sur, Kern River or other favorite camping spots. Highlight a favorite family campsite or a Thank you after joining someone camping.

The sample of papers in the image above includes sticky notes in center, notepad with peacock and SpongeBob, origami paper with Hello Kitty, old calendar pages and scrapbook paper.

  • Pooh Bear and Bunny for Baby Greeting Cards.
  • Sesame Street and SpongeBob for toddler birthdays.
  • Hello Kitty for big girls.
  • The scrapbook paper has couples, teen girl listening to music and another teen on the telephone. Well, I guess teens don’t do that anymore.
  • Thomas Kinkade Country cottage might speak to somebody.


Butterfly greeting cards

  More Themed Cards

  • Snoopy NotePad made the card at Upper Left. Make Batman and Simpsons too.
  • Chihuahua, Marilyn, and Hawaiian stickies for cards.
  • Butterfly greeting cards using print letterheads and the corner of a notepage. 7-10 medallions can be made from a notepad. List pads used to be $1., but are $1.50 now.
  • Last, jungle cards for small boys out of letterhead print.


Make Handmade cards with Maps

Last Examples of Handmade Cards

  • An example shown is the music textbook for a middle school choir. Page after page of music theme paper in a lovely patina.
  • Have you seen maps in paper crafts or artist pieces? These CA maps can be used for campers and CA visitor souvenirs.
  •  Some boyfriends or husbands can appreciate the card playing theme.

Notepad papers rosette

Notepads have thinner papers making the 2 inch squares easier to fold. Above a notepad design used to make the apples and grapes rosette: the paper was used up years ago.

 This notepad is an example available on Amazon of paper for a themed card of cats. The vintage look is so cute and the printed area is big enough for covering a whole 2×2 tile. Be careful because the notepads can pile up.

Share Your Ideas in Comments

Have you found additional paper sources not shown above for your TBF projects? Add them to the discussion below.

update 12/12/2016


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