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Paper for tea bag foldingMake Teabag Folding Cards Without Using the Printer

If you want to pursue teabag folding for card making, printing the tiles for folding may become expensive, and since ink is pricey to buy, I started at the very beginning, to fold paper that is already printed.

I think the one reason was I did not want to learn all the logistics of my printer. I wanted to fold Now and time was a-wasting.

I first experimented with TBF was in 2001. I remember sitting on the sofa with the evening TV on and I was following instructions from a new book bought at a scrapbooking fair. I used paper I found in the house.

The purpose of this tutorial is to give you tips on finding tea bag folding paper for rosette projects with printed paper from the marketplace.

Paper is a Card Maker’s Treasure

After exploring the craft of TBF, I also call this craft flat unit origami, you will see folding Handmade Greeting cardpossibilities in lots of papers already on the market. 90% of the time I only purchase what is on sale.

The card at right has a doily and pink lokta paper. The gold stripe was purchased at a scrapbook store almost 10 years ago. Your arsenal of paper for design possibilities can become a treasure for a big bang every time you create.

This approach also involves cutting your own squares and positioning the print where it will pop to the visible side of your folded medallion. At first, I used the paper cutter but I found that using a tile guide works for cutting two or three squares at a time with scissors.

Positioning the print requires tea bag folding templates which I explain how to make in Tea Bag Folding Template for All Your Patterns.

A list of paper choices for flat unit origami designs

    1. Notepads, grocery lists and sticky notes. Find in the $1.00 bins at Michael’s, Joann paper for card makingfabrics, Target and Dollar Tree. I explore every type 99cent store for these pads of paper.
    2. Laser printer stationery. 8.5X11 inch printed stationery at dollar stores and when on sale at FedEX stores, Office Depots and stationery stores.
    3. Wrapping paper. Marshall’s, Ross and other discount stores. Look for the printed wrapping paper that is not a blurred design. Crisp clear printed rolls. The rolls will need to be matched and cut where the pattern repeats.
    4. Decorative papers. Splurge and buy fancy wrapping paper sheets at gift stores. Look for the repeat pattern because you may need more than one sheet.
    5. Boxed drawer paper sheets. These usually come in the long narrow boxes at Ross, TJmax and Marshall’s from the toiletries dept.
    6. Paper doilies.
    7. Origami paper. Also washi paper by the sheets
    8. Scrapbooking paper. Avoid the new extra sturdy sheets that cost more and are too thick to fold.
    9. Wallpaper and smaller trim rolls. Choose the type that is not washable. Glue will not stick on washable.
    10. Sticking Notes. Use corn starch to rid of sticky glue.
    11. Lokta papers from Nepal. See information here.
    12. Old books.
    13. Eight copies of $1 kid’s books.

    An Example of Using Printed Paper in Five Pictures to Illustrate

    click an the thumbnail and “i” for instructions.


    Text book paperUse Old Text Books for Paper Crafting

    This simple Valentine with a touch of glitter is music paper from a middle school chorus text book published in the 60’s. Found it at the Pasadena Flea Market at the Rose Bowl. Over 200 pages of beautiful music note paper on slightly faded pages in a creamy hue.

    One can even find appropiate words from the pages to show on your card. How many times has the word love been printed on sheet music?

    Background heart is scrapbook paper.

    More Examples of Teabag Folding Paper Resources

    click to “i” for captions

    Sometimes it is easier to print, cut and fold kaleidoscope papers, but there are all kinds of ways to express yourself with flat unit origami.

    Tell us what kind of tea bag folding tiles you generally use in the comment section.

    update 12/12/2016

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