My New Website is Mind Boggling

Establishing my own website for sharing teabag folding ideas is bogging my confidence into a sticky wet mire. The mind is so overwhelmed I cannot concentrate on the paper folding part of it. I am wishing the site was further along but so many technical questions are arising that I am almost tongue tied, or I should say keyboard tied.

Well, since I have too many problems to move foreword to get my material up and viewable here. I will refer you to a couple of my idea pages elsewhere so you have some folding ideas to explore with. No reason for everyone to be thinking, what is next?

Teabag Folding Ideas

At Tea Bag Folding Ideas for Handmade Cards I take a fold and give you some extra variations that I worked out myself. The second tutorial has 6 ideas on what to do with one easy fold that is popular as a youtube. It is Make A Paper Flower Rosette Decoration.

If you have found a new fold share the link with us below, so we can get back to proper business with papers in hand.


My New Website is Mind Boggling — 3 Comments

  1. I specially liked the rosette folding pattern because it looked just like a real flower. These are great ideas for party decorations. I can’t wait to see some more patterns.

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