Tea Bag Folding for the Beginner

Easy tea bag folding pattern that you can find in all the books and the Internet. tea bag folding

If you are a beginner, this is for you and anyone you want to spend a few hours with doing something. Think of the kids on a hot summer day when they should not go out to play.

This is a fold ending in a triangle shape and having split points in the rosette like shown here. All those who are origami fans will recognize it as the basic water bomb. It stays flat and can be used for greetings, the reason I call this craft flat unit origami.

When a new folder is new to tea bag folding even this one can be a challenge, but do not give up. Once a person has the idea it will not leave them and will make the next new pattern a little easier. This technique is basic origami put into pie shaped rosettes.

How to Get Started

I usually use 2 inch tiles. For the smallest kids go bigger. The papers will be easier to handle. Practice with big squares of paper a couple of times so the little hands get familiar with the task.

My suggestion is the adult read through these instructions and guide the student one on one.

At right is illustrated a tip for completing the kaleidoscope effect.

Cut eight squares of a like pattern.making a tea bag folding rosette


Note the shaded area on the white template on the left. The shaded area is what will ended up on the top exposed portion of the folded water bomb. This example will be the tail and branch of the paper.

Quick Origami Water Bomb Instructions

origami water bomb instructions

With patterned side down fold diagonally twice. Your tile will look like this.

step 2

With backside or blank side down fold horizontally twice

step 3

With right side up gently press the horizontal sides in with your index fingers.

finished origami water bomb

The tile will collapse and you have the origami water bomb.








Fold eight squares in the same manner.


Assemble The Flat Rosette

assembling the rosette



Patterned scissors were used to cut the very edges of each origami water bomb after it is folded.




assemble tea bag folding


To assemble place the right unit’s two flaps on either side of the left’s lower flap.

The four flaps weave one after the other.





Your first tea bag fold rosette



The finished rosette.






Finished Greeting Card

easy tea bag folding finished card

A 4.25×5.5 inch A2 greeting card

One of the easiest rosettes to learn for the beginner.

Another tea bag folding technique for beginners can be viewed at Tea Bag Folding for Children and Beginners. Those instructions are for the square base origami fold, even easier that the water bomb. There are videos to help with the assembly, which is the same as the one used here.

My First Origami Tea Bag Folding Book

Tea Bag Folding (Design Original Can Do Crafts)

This book is the very first book I had introducing me to this paper craft. It has this fold and many more for the beginner.

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