Red Swirl Tea Bag Folding Pattern

A tea bag folding pattern designed for Valentine’s Day handmade greeting cards sold at the Farmer’s Market. a new tea bag folding pattern

Photos and written tea bag folding instructions are included with card design idea. This pattern will be fabulous in any color you may want to use, so get out your paper collection and fold paper rosettes for card embellishments, scrapbooks, gift tags and decorating boxes.

For those of you who have not heard of tea bag folding get more information by exploring Paperfacets Website newly created and launched in January of 2015.

Getting Started

Vellum looks especially nice with this pattern. It is crisp and the folds stay sharp. You will need eight squares 2×2 inches.

click 1st thumbnail to view slider. click ‘i’ to bring up instructions on slider

wave cursor near right middle side and click to see next image 

Finally the Assembly

click to enlarge

instructions of new tea bag folding pattern

Put glue on back in area shown

Assemble in a pie shape

Assemble in a pie shape leaving the points in center free of glue. Do not crowd the points. Leave a faction of space between each tile.

Last tile added to complete assembly

Last tile added.









Completed tea bag rosette.

Refold the tips in the center to make the little mini squares


 Card Design Using Your New Rosette

greeting card design




Fold the remaining corner of the heart to the back of the card and glue. Looks fabulous on white, as well. Using other weights of paper did not give as nice of a look. Vellum remained crisp and created shadows and depth. Two versions shown: this one with scallops cut on one side of the tile and above with the hearts.


25 Deep Bright Red Linen 80# Cover Paper Sheets – 8″ X 10″ (8X10 Inches) Bold Red #80 Cardstock by Thunderbolt PaperPhoto|Picture-Frame Size – 80 lb/pound Card Weight – Fine Linen Textured Finish – Deep Dye Quality Cardstock

When looking for red cardstock online the color comes in many hues. Deep bright red sounds encouraging. Also The word “cover” refers to thicker cardstock. #80 is my choice to use for the cards I cut and score. Free $35 purchase shipping.

Vellum paper I used here was not sheer or translucent. I bought it at Michael’s after Christmas on sale. Keep your eyes open when browsing all paper and craft stores.

Have you Made a Pattern to Share

As the years go by, origami enthusiasts start making their own patterns. I created this website so everyone can share and see new tea bag folding patterns when they are dreamed up. Give us the link to your new patterns in the comments at the the end of this tutorial. We would love to see them and share them here.

Update May 25, 2016


Red Swirl Tea Bag Folding Pattern — 2 Comments

  1. Boy, is this ever a nice website. I had never heard of tea bag folding and I find it fascinating. Your tutorial reveals the secret of your wonderful design. Even I could follow it!

    Keep up the good work. I will pass along this site to my friend who does cards. She will love integrating this idea.

    • Lin,
      Thanks for the visit. Let you friend know I have sold about a thousand cards all with these folded rosettes. I just gave up a spot at the farmer’s market because it was too early to get up for and too Hot when it was time to pack up. I have to find another outlet for my creations somewhere. Keep in touch.

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