Tea Bag Folding Papers

I have found a new Internet website that offers tea bag folding papers. I always take pleasure in finding something new on the web about TBF.

tea bag folding papers as PDFMaybe you have seen this site before but I am sharing this just in case you have not. Brightly printed kaleidoscope 2 inch squares, circles and soon 1-inch squares too. The site is called origamitwist.com and there is also a FB Page. Look for Origami Twist on Youtube too. I found the website through a Pinterest Board.

There is an easy shopping cart to use for your purchases and PayPal is the method, making new tea bag folding papers easy to buy. The single best thing about this site is the orders are simply emailed to you as a PDF file. Once you receive the file in email, copy and print on your home printer. Use a couple of coats of clear Deft spray to waterproof if you do not have a laser printer. If you prefer laser bring the file to Staples or other copy printing store.

If you have been fussy about the brightness of your tile colors printing on a jet printer produces better copies. A couple of light coats of clear spray will help protect the colors from running.

No disappointments from Origami Twist: a free page is offered on Freebie of the Day so you can see what you will be getting.

More about tea bag folding papers here.

Last month I discovered Misterart.com. Compare prices with other big name card blanks for greeting card makingcraft and art sites. American Craft 5×7 inch blanks in 6 bright colors will match many of Origami Twist colors and are priced less than $4.50 for 12 cards and envelopes.

I have personally purchased the red for Valentine’s Day and loved the hue. The card stock is a little light on weight, but does a good job for any informal greeting. Linen textured.

Enjoy something new today,


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