Tea Bag Folding Idea From Google Books

The web is a good thing but sometimes material gets around that is not always good for the authors or the publishers. On Pinterest I have seen tea bag folding ideas from the actual pages of a book. What is not so good thing, is the pins have no link or acknowledgement that it is from any book. I have looked at these books hundreds of times and it seems a shame that the simple rules of publishing are not observed.Two Tone TBF treatmentRecently, I discovered Google Books Partner Program. There publishers and authors can promote their books without a fee. I have found a tea bag folding idea by Alisa Harkless from her craft book called Classic Paper Techniques for Greeting Cards Gifts. There is a ‘view inside’ feature in Google Books.

One of the first patterns I learned years ago is shown. My version of her idea is brown and cream, shown here. Her version is prettier, but what I found unique was the two tone approach.

The effect makes a whole new pattern illusion and the background treatment makes the two tones pop. So simple and fun to make.  Unfortunately, her version is one longer showing in the ‘Preview the book’, the main point is, ideas can be sparked by browsing the Internet.

Only Four Tiles Needed of Each Color

If your paper supply has only four sheets of any given print you can try this treatment and coordinate with contrasting color to complete a medallion.  Of course, the background can be any arrangement you can dream up.

I have large paper pads that only have 3 or 4 sheets of a print. I can easily fold dozens of rosettes without having to cut a sheet all up trying to get eight tiles alike. You can stretch and use more of your paper supply.



Amazon Books has reviews from owners of the book. Ms. Harkless presents a lovely book.


The subtlest color changes bring new interest and keep me folding and trying new designs.


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