Tea Bag Folding Designs

Most people do not have to be an art critic or art student to recognize a Van Gogh painting. His uniqueness came from his intra workings.  Meaning he tapped the right brain. We can figure out that anytime one taps their brain the result is pure individual, because each person’s learning pathways are unique. The right brain is the artist’s side for creating and when the right brain contributes to an art project it’s free flowing, comes easily, and it’s the artist’s alone.

Unique tea bag folding designs

Once an idea is thought about then some problem solving happens. The most unique tea bag folding cards I have seen are the creations that come from Pilgrim Place in Claremont, CA. It does not matter that I gave the group the paper folding idea, a couple of members took the idea and made it all their own.

These original cards can be purchased at the yearly Pilgrim’s Place Festival.

The designers took a special idea and designing with photoshop made beautiful original floral tiles with their own photos.

Someday I will learn to design my own tiles. I know it will take a whole new learning curve.

Make Your Tea Bag Folding Designs Unique

Another creative for instance, is this design by Beth Norman.

tea bag folding designsA grid makes a pretty backdrop for flat fold origami rosettes. See Beth’s blog about making background papers, Sunflowers and Dragonflies Creative Designs.

A suggestion for this look; design a 6×6″ collage, take a copy, then cut both sheets into 2″ squares. Use nine squares from the original for the background and the eight copied squares can be folded into your favorite TBF pattern. Place like the butterfly here.

Every few months, by exploring tea bag folding designs under Google images, the hobbyist can keep busy.

Have fun creating your own, SherryV

Update: 5/7/2016


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  1. Hi! I enjoyed your article. I love my crafts and it is delightful to have found your site. You are really good at what you do. Congrats on that. Your projects are very gorgeous. Thank you

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