Tea Bag Folding Cards Don’t Have to Become Boring

I enjoy searching tea bag folding cards in Google images to see what’s new. Greeting card design ideas I do not see very often is the folded embellishment that is not made into a pie graph medallion.

Break Out of Your Paper Folding Mold

tea bag folding card

tea bag folding cardstea bag folding patterns





Three examples above. Various folds are used. I usually start in the center and fold tiles to put inside the ones in the center. Sometimes I will use as many as ten tiles to complete something to suit my fancy.

Spring Bluebirds Greeting Card

tea bag folding card

Tea bag folding completed in a non pie graph arrangement

I photographed the process of making this card to illustrate how this can be accomplished.

Directions For Creating A Freestyle Tea Bag Fold Medallion

Follows are the steps to create a spring season card like this one with three variations of the origami water bomb fold. Ten tiles are used.

The paper used for this card is of a 32 weight. 28 weight will lay flat enough for mailing your card.

Step One

card design

10 tiles are needed

card design

Fold all into origami water bombs

card embellishment

Unfold four tiles and fold two edges into the center

card embellishment

Squish back into a water bomb

card embellishment

Fold points in

card embellishment

Glue the four tiles to a scrap of paper







tea bag folding embellishment







Fold four tiles like the last four without the corners turned. I squished the pointed folds behind the diamond square to bring out the birds. Two examples are shown I will use the one on the right.



card embellishment

I have tried to show the two folds above and how the squish looks on the inside.

card embellishment

Two bird folds go on each side of the four tiled medallion. Slip them in underneath the square.







Step Two

card medallion

Make two kite squish folds on the top of two remaining tiles.

card embellihment

Squish the space between the two kites as shown with the two tiles at right.

card embellishment

Press down leaving the two points showing on the top of each side.








Put the two finished double birds kites on the top and bottom of the center medallion. You are finished with a free style tea bag fold medallion. This technique can be used for endless variations and relief of boredom.

Any questions or comments can be started in the comments section.


Tea Bag Folding Cards Don’t Have to Become Boring — 9 Comments

  1. Wow! I had no real idea of what you were talking about with some of the folding paper terms, but these were amazing. I have tried paper folding with my daughter and we have never gotten very far because we couldn’t understand what it was telling us to do. I guess if I knew what some of the terms you were using meant, then I would be well on my way to making something like this. Great idea!

  2. Really cool what you’ve come up with here. As an artsy person who loves trying out new ideas, this is definitely one to add to my list of “try outs”.

    Will be looking out for more from you.

    All the best.

  3. Easy but very creative and most importantly decorative. Hadn’t realized the vast number of designs you can find. It’s been great discovering tea bag folding cards because it seems to be such a cost effective way to look very fancy. “Especially during special occasions”

    Thanks for these instructions with pictures to go by. Very interesting!

  4. Hi there, all the paper folding sure looks creative indeed. Did you really use a teabag paper for it? Sorry for asking, I am just curious that’s all. Thanks for sharing!


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