Tea Bag Folding Book Reviews

Tea bag folding book reviews for those of you that liketea bag folding book reviews to rely on a book. Fifteen years ago there were a few TBF publications because the Internet was not relied on as is now and Pinterest was not even thought of. My books were all bought over 14 years ago and I have not seen a new TBF book since.

Reviews follow on each book I own. Research more with the buyer reviews and you should know which, if any, you may want to have on your craft bookshelf. I will include a couple of links but not for each book. It is easy enough to browse when you get to your book purchasing site.

I bought all my tea bag folding books with the goal of finding new folding patterns. These books present the most patterns for your buck. I do not recall when it occurred to me to Google “tea bag folding”. My folding beginnings were learned with these books in my closet.

Paper Craft Book Reviews

Tea Bag Folding by Tiny Van Der Plas and Janet Wilson

I have referred to this book a hundred times. A bit hard to follow but all ideas are very original and there is more than just card making in the book.

All the card designs and photo pages are stunning and fold patterns are more elaborate than might be found in other books. 63 pages.

More Tea bag folding

More Tea Bag Folding – Celtic and Oriental Designs by Tiny Van Der Plas and Janet Wilson

Some great fold ideas. The patterns are a little hard to follow. I had to get help from my origami folding daughter. Not as many rosette folds as their first book. Same Search Press publication. 48 pages.  “Look Inside” still is available at Amazon.


Tea Bag Folded greeting cards

Tea Bag Folded Greeting Cards by Kim Reygate

There are the three simplest folding patterns in this book. Not good if you are looking for new folding patterns. The pages are beautiful and lovely card designs shown. The process of making a card from scratch with some techniques such as stamps, punches, string and coloring your own paper is covered. 48 pages. A/O Feb. 2017 this book is only available on eBay.com


TBF book reviewTea-Bag Folding by Can Do Crafts

The is the book I purchased at a scrapbooking faire in 2001. The next two years I dabbled with the folds and it was 2003 I made my first cards for selling at a work boutique faire.

Don’t worry about the “tile pages” in any of the books when deciding to get a used book. This book is probably the best organized one printed for newbies to the craft. 19 pages.


Teri Pointer

Memory Folds – Great Ideas for Scrapbooks and Cards by Terri Pointer

Terri Pointer is one of the first authors to publish books about tea bag folding. The first books come out in 1997-1998 by a few artists. All the diagrams for folding patterns are thorough and easy to follow and comprehend. All folding patterns include photos card and scrapbook page examples. 35 pages.


Paper Folding Made Easy

 Paper Folding Made Easy by Kris Mason

By the time I acquired this book I was familiar with many of the folds which was a slight disappointment, but I have used so many ideas from its pages.

For pattern directions the photos do make it hard to zero in on details. The simple bat pattern in the kids section I have used for cards, bookmarks, tags you name it. I went crazy for the bat. 96 pages. Look Inside.

Tea Bag Folding Book Reviews

Two places to search for these titles are Amazon and ebay. Of course, since I always go for the item that cost the least I compared the two before I shopped for any of them.

2001 is when the last books about the paper craft were published, but there are plenty available at the book sellers.

Tea Bag Folding books at Amazon.com

Tea Bag Folding at ebay.

There are a half dozen more books that offer the tile squares rather than patterns or ideas. I do not cover those books here. I have relied on getting papers through other sources, as I explain at the Tea Bag Folding Papers menu tab.



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    Well I certainly learn something reading your post as I had never heard of tea bag folding before. This is then a very unknown world to me. I like that you provided a lot of options book wise, something for everyone. And Amazon is always a great place for books. I often start there!

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