Fiskars Original Rotary Paper Trimmer

This is a review about the Fiskars rotary paper trimmer I have used since 2003. The company still makes this basic rotary cutter for the home paper craftsperson. The plus for this paper crafter is the sturdy flat 12″ x 12″ cutting bed. All sizes of scrapbook paper easily fit and for card crafting it suits the needs with clean straight cuts.

I have the first manufactured cutter with the flat cutting replacement strip, Fiskars item number 9591. A couple of years ago I decided to buy a pack of four replacements made by Carl. They are excellent and last far longer. I never get ragged edges now. I used the first strip for a long time and was able to use it 4 times by flipping and reversing it.

Fiskars Rotary Cutter Replacement Strip

replacement cutting strip


The Carl strip are those two on the right. The Fiskars strip is chewed up because at this point strips were no longer available. There was nothing to lose trying the Carl brand and they work very well, despite having no adhesive.  Slip it in the well and cut as always, the pressure of the cutting motion keeps it in place.

My package was purchased two years ago and it is marked RM12/4 DC-100,200,210,300, PRT-100 & RT-200 if you are looking for the mats. They are available at Amazon with the Free Shipping for $35. There is a one strip offer, as well.

CARL RM-12/4 12-Inch Cutting Mat for all 12-Inch Trimmers


Sharpen Your Blade

I enjoy the rotary cutter for all my paper crafts. The blade can be sharpened with the blue sharpening tool which would not be possible with a slicer type cutter.

rotary paper cutter supplies


The three blue parts are the sharpener tools that can be acquired separately. The blade inserts onto the screw and then place the top and tighten. The unit is placed into the hole and you simply turn back and forth to give the edge a cleaning and tuneup. Reverse the unit and do the other side of the blade. The present blade has been used for six years.

Available at under Colonial Needle 45mm Rotary Blade Sharpener.

The orange unit and screw nut is what fastens the blade to your roller. It does not wobble or has become loose after this owner’s 11 years of use. There is a two turn locking system. The bed makes cutting 12 x 12″ papers easy to slice. Making nearly two dozen greeting cards every month, I have found no need to purchase a new system. I use it for all my paper craft items.

Last, switch the blade out and get beautiful scoring for all your hand cut greeting cards.

Review Windup and Comments

This experience review with the Fiskars 12 Inch Classic Rotary Paper Trimmer
is complete.  Even though, this older model is discontinued the new Classic Cutter is the same except for the 45mm replacement bar. This new 45mm bar is readily available from Fiskars. I like how the new cutter has additional cutting guides on the bed.

As far as the fancy blades the only one I had satisfactory results with was the Perforating blade, but do not have much occasion to use it. The Victorian blade I experimented with for this review and I will continue to use the hand scissors for that motif. It really makes a lot of marks on the strip and there is no way to sharpen the blade. For 65lb. cardstock it is almost impossible to get a clean cut using this blade. (click images to enlarge.)

Rotary cutter blades

Hoping this was of some help with your buying decisions. Please feel free to enter your cutter experiences.


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