I am one of the original penny hoarders. As a child I had a whole list of chores I would volunteer to do with the prices I charged penciled in beside the activity.

What was I earning money for? I can’t remember. It is rather strange I can remember tasking for money, but not what I bought with the money. My Mom was the employer and that arrangement must have gone pretty well. I can’t recall disputes.

Piggy BankA little story goes with Grandma being the employer. A couple of years ago a grandson biked over three blocks to her house every Tuesday to put the trash cans out to the curb. After this arrangement had been in operation for about a month she mention she needed quarters because it was a quarter she gave him each Tuesday. She was 90 at the time.

I had to laugh to myself.  A quarter doesn’t even keep the guy in a tablespoon of peanut butter, as fuel to get to her house. I casually mentioned a dollar for the task. Now his Dad comes over with him. It seems watering the flower beds was not getting done adequately.

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Sincerely, SherryV

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