Paperfacets Has an Official Facebook Page

A few days ago I jumped into the media world by establishing a Paperfacets Facebook Page. FB is the place we all can post our paper folding musings. Everything will be in one place and it can easily be shared and viewed for a very long time.

The first post is about tea bag folding and incorporating rosettes onto boxes. Share your projects and show the pictures or leave a link to your own website about boxes and putting folded tiles on them.

This box was completed in 2015.

Box tea bag folding project

Funky BoxIt is an old wood box from Mexico. 4 1/2 x 3. I used laser printer paper in colorful 70’s motif. Sprayed with Deft wood clear gloss finish.


Paperfacets Has an Official Facebook Page — 2 Comments

  1. These are fantastic. I’d much prefer something simple like this as a gift than the mass produced meaningless muck out there. You know that there is imagination and creativity and a little bit of the person who creates it, in it.

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