Paperfacets Launches Card Shop


I launched a Card Shop to replace the Farmer’s Market space I gave up in March. After almost 9 years I will not be doing the Claremont Farmer’s Market. It became too expensive to do with the new fees. I am disappointed because I feel the artists should be charged the same as the farmers. We, as the Artisan group, were given flat fees for a 10X10 space. Farmers pay a percentage of their sales which worked so well for me in the past. The new flat fee equals $300 dollars worth of sales for greeting cards

The main reason I am speaking of the new shop is because it is in a testing phase. The cart, checkout with paypal, and shipping of your item will happen, so do not worry about a purchase.

It is the layout and look of the shop that ! am trying to bring to a better solution. New items will be added soon and do not be puzzled if the look keeps changing. You will receive you order in a timely manner and Paypal will always be the method of payment.

Thank you for your patience in this transition.


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