Make This Paper Christmas Craft at the Homestead Museum

Paper Christmas Craft

Zig-Zag fold for paper Christmas trees to hang



Saturday December 19th the Homestead Museum in City of Industry, CA is having a toy gift donation and walk throughs of Holiday decorated Temple and Workman homes. Bring an unwrapped toy or $4.00 donation. $2.00 seniors and students.

Browse the homes and imagine what the Holiday might have been back seventies years or more.

Paper Christmas Craft

Also in the planning is crafts for all ages to enjoy making for $2.00-$4.00 dollars each. I am busy gathering the supplies for this zig-zag fold hanging Christmas tree.

Come and enjoy the fun. I will have an tutorial online link for you so that you can make more trees at home with family and friends.

There will be trees already folded and paper cutouts for those who want to fold their own. Plenty of colorful punchouts and buttons, etc. for decorating the paper tree.

For further information is the Homestead Museum calendar or call for information.

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