Origami Halloween Fun With Bats

It has been almost 8 years the bat has been a major focus of my Halloween decorations. The origami bat, that is. Fun, entertaining and easy too. I have used the origami bats for photos, home decor, craft items to sell and give away. I like to blog about this simple craft and teach others to escape for a few hours and make something frivolous.

An example are these Halloween bookmarks. Don’t want to give candy? This is another option.

Origami Bat Bookmark

Origami Bat Bookmark

The directions for this origami pattern can been seen at How to Make Origami Bats for Halloween.

And the bookmark instruction page is here at How To Origami Bat Bookmark.

Last is an idea page compiled over the years with photos of all the bat decor stuff I have made. You may think I am a little batty after seeing all the bat items made and photographed. Give it a visit too. After all, Halloween is almost here and it is only All For Fun.

How to Artfully Decorate With Halloween Origami Bats.

Once you have learned this bat fold show it to the grand kids, to the Girl Scout Troop, and students in the classroom. You will be teacher’s pet for a day.

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