Cherry Blossom – New Tea Bag Folding Pattern

Introducing the cherry blossom, my new tea bag folding pattern.
new tea bag folding pattern This is easy enough for the beginner. If this is your first time folding flat fold origami, try this one. Pictures and instructions for completing the paper cherry blossom appear in the image slider below.

The inspiration for this pattern was the first ever Hello Kitty Convention. My daughter invited me to go with her in downtown LA. There were huge cherry blossoms hanging in the entrance hall. They hung several together on long strings two stories high. The pedals looked like a pattern I had already been folding with six tiles and eight tiles. I thought that day I will try five tiles to mimic the cherry blossom.

Click each image to take you through completing the tiles for cherry blossom look alike. Click image and click X at center for larger photo.


Fold the remaining four tiles. Cut a square notch into each tile at the tip as shown on the fold at left.





Glue into a rosette using a five piece guide. Note to place the glue as shown on the pointed fold. Click to enlarge photo. The next ‘petal’ slips under the first petal, and so on.




Shade the underside tips green and color the center in a hue you like. Ink in the stamens. Pictures are a guide.

image: Paul van de Velde on flickr

image: Paul van de Velde on flickr

image: Ching on flickr

image: Ching on flickr

image: Steve Jurvetson on flickr

image: Steve Jurvetson on flickr






Completed Cherry Blossom Paper Craft



Greeting Cards with Cherry Blossoms I will post later. Enjoy this rather simple flat fold origami pattern. Perfect for spring and Easter time greetings.



Cherry Blossom – New Tea Bag Folding Pattern — 6 Comments

  1. O my gosh! My sister loves origami. My sister is going to be so impressed when I make this for her and put it with the birthday card that I am also making for her birthday. Do you recommend any particular store that I should visit to get this kind of paper?

    • I like to go to specialty stores that stock wrapping paper and sell by the sheet. Paper Source is one, you can also get paper online.

  2. Hey Sherry:

    Sweet! I love this concept and it’s a springboard for a number of ideas for my own work. I appreciate your taking the time to photograph this.

    One question…how do you construct the guide you are using to place the folded bits? Perhaps a mini-tutorial on making placement guides for five-, six- or more pieces might be a good thing….

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