Martha Stewart Circle Edge Punch

Martha Stewart Circle Edge Punch

Martha Stewart Circle Edge Punch Kit

The smallest circle made with the Martha Stewart circle edge punch is 6 inches, and ideally, it was not what is needed for greeting cards, the biggest reason to have a circle cutter. But if you are a fan of the zig zag fold plenty of creative paper crafts can be made using it.

There are some faults to the kit and I will mention them so you can decide if this is the latest tool you have got to have in your craft closet. The newer doily system by Martha Stewart is also 6 inches, a very disappointing design, but if you do not want recognizable elements in your card designs, it is, just a well. You may not need either.

Six inch circles can be employed into 5×7 inch cards, though, with a little thought.

What Is In the Starter Kit

The plate allows for making circles up to 12 inches and if you are a scrapbooker this will be useful for all your page designs. There has been new cartridge designs offered and a good range of looks can be achieved.

The one fault I have noticed is the cuts are not always clean. Crisp edges are ideal, however, if you are not inclined into investing in the bigger priced cutting machines, this is an alternative. Clearance sales and coupons can be used to get the cartridges you want.

Above is the long sizing plate and ratchet with the adjusting plate that accepts the lower punch plate, and on the right a cartridge with lower plate and punch.

Is The System Easy To Use?

For the younger set of crafters, yes. If you are feeling a little overused in the wrist or hands this system may be difficult for you to produce large sets of circles for extensive projects.  Look for another cutter. I always stand to get the most leverage and with all mechanical devices, the nuances and light touches are learned and improves the results and operation. As part of the active senior set, I will be using my equipment and even plan on getting another cartridge.

It is a bit fun and does not fail to give an impressive result. Here are some versions of design elements made with the cutter.

edge punch for a greetingedge punch for a greetingStewart circle edge punch






For the two backgrounds on the end I used less than a quarter portion of the circle.

A Zig-Zag Fold Idea

This idea uses the zig-zag fold and a heart template to make hearts.

If you need the instructions for the circle zig-zag pattern go to Make A Paper Rosette Decoration. Click on a thumbnail and the “i” to see captions.

The white vellum paper gives crisp white results. Very pretty and ideal for the wedding. Use your favorite cartridge to make candy dishes, elegant backdrops, wrappers for guest gifts, table runners, plate coasters, well, the ideas can be endless. Search the Internet and go to Martha Stewart Website for additional ideas.

Take a look at this Google Images Search for ideas galore.

Martha Stewart Cartridge for Circle Edge Cutter