Make Paper Rosettes with Circles

make a tree from one circle of paper

Idea #9 at HubPages

A step by step tutorial at HubPages offers full instructions on how to make paper rosettes. The pattern uses paper circles and is widely discussed on the Web, but this page offers 9 original ideas on how to use the pattern for various looks that will keep a paper crafter creating for almost every occasion.

If you have a circle cutter and it has been sitting unused bring it out for this pattern. An example of the very simplest treatment of the pattern is the Christmas tree. Double-sided origami paper made the tags shown here. I have seen bigger examples on cards. It is made with a half circle.


Make A Simple Greeting Card

This example below of the eight circle rosette one a simple greeting card is the easiest because the eight circles do not need to be alike. A review for the Creative Memories Circle Cutter is indexed here under ‘Reviews’ if you should need to have a circle cutter.simplest paper flower rosette

A Fiskars die cutting machine would be the premier tool to have because it accepts dies from other manufactures.

Browse the other ideas at the HubPages article and give the circle cutter a whirl for the money put out for it.

Have fun paper crafting, SherryV


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