How to Handmade Card Business – The Home Craft Business

A few years ago I wrote an article about my experience with a handmade card business. It is still up and on the Internet and generating visits. In England, the country I consider the biggest fans of handmade cards, handmade card businessI was fortunate to draw a forum following and I was delighted about someone being interested in my tips.

In California, we have a tax system called “sales tax”, some states do not have this tax and at retirement people actually move from California because of this tax and earned income tax. My only point in bringing this up is this year I am overdue. Again. It is due by January 31st and doing it is not difficult, because the online form is easy to use. Now I have the penalty to pay. If you have a business with big sales you would pay every month, if you were smart.

One reason I procrastinate is I did not enter sales in my monthly accounting system. I have a year’s pile of receipts to ledger and add up. An outline on how to do this is explained in Start A Handmade Card Business – Budget Tips for Starting Out. Many other tips will apply to anyone in most states or countries.

The basic tips can be applied to any home craft business. There is always the few areas of any endeavor that is not a favorite to do. Other aspects make it worth the cost, and maybe you can earn profits for supply shopping trips and a little extra cash.

If I can do it you can too with organization and a healthy dose of desire and intensity. The last thing: is enjoy your chosen area of interest.

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