Making A7 Card Blanks – Let Nothing Go to Waste

I make my own 5 x 7 greeting card blanks from 8 1/2 x 11 inch standard sized card stock. I saved the strips and there is a whole box of them stashed in the supply cabinet. Two widths of strips are saved, from cutting my own greeting cards for 12 years, 1″ and 1 1/2″. Since 2004 I have been making bookmarks with the strips, but as a selling item the demand has gone down. There are thousands of handmade bookmarks to choose from nowadays.

I went to the Internet to find something else to do with the strips of cardstock. I tried the search word “quilling”. Of course, I saw numerous photos of gorgeous quilling examples. Delicate multi-colored works of art. On Pinterest I saw this image by Brenda Goosabend from Flickr.quilled angel

I had no idea what size the angel was, but I decided to try heavy weight cardstock. I have made 5 prototypes and I still have some improvements that could be done. Nonetheless, I wrote a tutorial of the method I came up with for the new craft site called Crafty Closet.

Make Tweaks for Your Own Design

Make your own adjustments. Use papers on hand and decorate the mantel, shelf or table with one of a kind Quilled Stand Up Angels. The nuances of heavy weight card lends to many variations.

If you cut your own greeting card blanks use the strips created from your labors. Enjoy the angels in your house too.

Cardstock stand up angel

 Visit The Tutorial

Be sure to visit Quilled Stand Up Angel and check out my latest tutorial. More pictures there. It is not tea bag folding but it is fun.



Making A7 Card Blanks – Let Nothing Go to Waste — 8 Comments

  1. Wow. My first thought when visiting this post was, “that’s a really awesome angel!” I’m going to check out that tutorial next and try to make one with my kids. And, this is a great use for scraps!

    • Stephanie, try using thinner paper for the kids. They may have an easier time making the creases. Thanks you visiting and I hope you enjoy the tutorial.

  2. I have some greeting card blanks, like you I dont like waste! The angel is very pretty, I’ll probably give it a try along with granddaughter during the holidays. 🙂

  3. Hey Sherry,

    This is some creative artwork; I’ve never seen it before. I was just about to throw away some bunch of old cards from last year. Thanks to your article, I could have a better use for them!

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