Christmas Trees in April

Flat Unit Origami treesThe last two days I have had almost 300 hundred views of the tutorial. All the analytics indicate the traffic is from Great Britain. In my first sentence I did mention it is never to early to start the Christmas trees in the tutorial.

I am just curious what started the event, but I have not received any comments to give me a hint. I realize there are many craft groups that do challenges and I am going to imagine that is the reason.

Last year in December I did make 2 to 3 hanging trees each night while watching TV. I ended up selling them for $2.50 each at farmer’s market. All the paper was payed for years ago so it was pure profit. I enjoyed the many different colors and patterns that went into them and it offered a pleasant display on the table, the trees gently swinging on funky branches of a decor wire tree.

The trees are made with the water bomb fold and will easily ship with a Holiday greeting card with no extra mailing charges. One reason I call the craft flat unit origami. The star on top is the beginning fold for the crane.

All this wandering about the trees and the traffic may be for the second tutorial of the six unit “snowflake”. I hope everyone is having fun with their paper projects.

Cheers, SherryV

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