Fiskars Large Squeeze Punch Review – The Easy Squeeze Punch for Paper Rosettes

How To Use Fiskars Large Squeeze Punch

fiskars squeeze punch I acquired this large squeeze punch a few years ago and having been following the product since then. I can cut dozens of circles for cards and more with this handy punch. The circles are used for making the paper flower rosette, one of my favorite flat unit origami patterns.

Following is how I use the punch for paper flower rosettes. This size is good for cards. The tool makes a clean cut and making circles is easy and quick.

The photos below illustrate how I use the tool. The photo above shows the punch and two stacks of paper four sheets each. This paper is so thin that the punch can handle four sheets at once. It is a dollar notepad.

(click first thumbnail. click “i” for instructions)

For more details on folding this round tile see  Make A Flower Rosette

Details About the Fiskars Punch

The extra large punch takes up some storage area. If you acquire several for your needs the individual sizes can stack in shelves six inches deep. From tip to tip it measures a little over six inches. The front end is labeled with cut type for easy reference.

The punching mechanism is light and easy. Much lighter to use than any thumb punch I have used. The punches come in clean white now. Any size and type is available at Amazon with the free shipping program. The video Fiskars includes with their Amazon shop is helpful.

I have been following this product for a few years for review and I am glad to report the the prices have come down since I bought the two I have.

Last be sure to glance at the “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” for additional shapes for more crafting treasures. I even saw a double heart.

Fiskars Seal of Approval Squeeze Punch, Extra Large

Illustrating the labeling and stacking features of the punch.

Fiskars Squeeze Punch

Fiskars Squeeze Punch