Fiskars 5 Inch Softgrip Scissors – Favorite Craft Scissors

My favorite paper craft scissors has been in use for 14 years.Fiskars Scissors

I bought a different scissors once, but I reached for the old Fiskars orange scissors when I needed to paper craft. They still make it orange too.

It is called the Fiskars 5 Inch Softgrip Scissors. If you are thinking of getting a new all purpose cutting tool for fine paper work with easy grip, this is it. My mother also used one for many years for her egg decorating hobby.

Images of My Pair of Fiskars Softgrip Scissors

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Softgrip scissors

I have never had to tighten the screw. The slightly firm slicing action has remained the same through the years.

Softgrip scissors

Scissors printed with U.S.A.

Softgrip scissors

Tips are chiseled for precision cutting. The right side blade has a few nicks.








If I run a thumb nail along the tip I can feel the nicks. I have not seen any less cutting precision because of them. I have not sharpened the pair, just kept using them.


The new pair offered at Amazon does not say U.S.A. any longer, and the tip is chiseled differently. I can only assume that is an improvement.

The Amazon description is all about fabric and sewing. I have used my pair for paper crafts only and it is an excellent tool.

Tools to Keep for Paper Crafts

Keeping a tool or favorite scissors has much to do with familiarity, but it is the workmanship or design that will seal the decision to kept it in the tool box. Don’t run and buy a small paper scissors unless you do not already have one, but if you need one, definitely try this cutting tool.

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