Easy Flat Fold Origami

Try this medallion as your first project. In the craft book called “Memory Folding” authors Kris Mason and Laura Lees present this fold with three variations.

Fold Back Pattern

This variation is my favorite using the standard 8 squares and configuring it into a rosette. The book also shows a wreath and a scrapbook frame.

At left is a completed rosette with a pattern template.

If you are trying this craft for the very first time find plain paper and cut out 8  two inch squares. The template I am using is for those who are already familiar with flat fold origami.

What You Will Need

  • Any sort of paper for practice
  • Scissors
  • Glue

The Tea Bag Folding Directions

Easy TBF Pattern

click images to enlarge

Template used for aligning and cutting squares. I cut one square and use that one to match the prints for the next 7 tiles I cut by hand. Information about templates here.


Teabag folding


Eight tiles are now cut. Fold squares in half so all the prints match.



Fold Back pattern


Fold left corner up to center making an even point.




Fold Back pattern


Fold back tip to the diagonal fold made previously.




Match dots


Put a dab of glue a little up and right of the dot. Assemble by matching at the dots.  Continue each square with the dots matching in the center.



Finished Medallion


Finished design.




The rosette will go into the collection box of medallions for designing into cards. When I have items made with these two medallions I will photo and post for you.

Memory Folding by Memory Makers

This is the book the pattern is from. If the condition shows no markings a used book is usually fine.

Book has beautifully photographed pages with graphics for the folding instructions plus the two other variations. All folds have examples for making wonderful scrapbook pages.

Four Flat Fold Origami Cards

Easy flat unit origamiEasy flat unit origami






Examples of this tea bag folding pattern made into greeting cards.


Easy Flat Fold Origami — 8 Comments

  1. I like the arts and craft type hobbies …it is a great way for people to express their creativity …better than spending all the time in front of the TV …good for you, nice site ….Andrew

  2. Hi Sherry,
    Its truly amazing what someone can do with some paper, scissors, glue and a little time! These shapes are quite beautiful! I have a niece who is very much into this kind of thing, I’ll tell her about you!


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