Creative Memories Circle Cutter

Tips on how to get CM Cutting System tools you may have missing. For paper Creative Memories Circle Cuttercrafts and scrapbooking the circle cutter is essential. I have used the CM tools for many years. I adjusted to the Creative Memories circle cutter far faster than the brand that has all the flat cutting template shapes and swivel craft style knife.

You can get all CM products from your local consultant and the CM cutting system is offered on your familiar auction site, eBay. I find it easy to use eBay, because having a Paypal account makes it worry free and with CM items good expectations are assured. It is a reputable and consistent brand.

Here are suggestions to make it easier for you to buy the circle paper cutter as a whole system or the single item you need.

The Circle Paper Cutter

I visited a scrapbook forum not too long ago and the subject was CM vs. Coluzzle cutting system.

Creative memories cutting system

Most participants voted for the Creative Memories cutter for clean circles and ease of use. Some did not like the tabs that needed cutting with the other system.

For someone who is not extra skilled with the craft knife for pressure, angle and direction, the Coluzzle is challenging. I was even slicing into the plastic templates. If you have the craft knife skills, the Coluzzle could be for you.

This photo shows my tools. There are a few more templates that I do not own.

The Hand Held Blades

The blades last for a long time. I acquired a new set after about 10 years of use.

a1Tip: the round shaped set is an older issue. Newer blades are a soft hexagon shape.

Image from

Search for: creative memories blades

Self Healing Cutting Mat for Paper Crafts

This mat is self healing. It has taken over 15 years of scrapbooking and paper crafting use and still is very functional. The newer mats are 12″ x 12″. Mine is the older 10.5″ x 12″.

I always work on a cutting board to preserve the desk surface.

CM Cutting Mat

Many makings on the mat, but nonetheless, they do not interfere with new cuts.







My set fits into a see-thru candy box.

My set fits into a see-thru candy box.


The Creative Memories Collection Oval Patterns by Creative Memories See it on Amazon


zig-zag rosette made from eight circles

I have used the circle templates dozens of times to make zig-zag fold rosettes in all sizes imaginable.

I hope this is of help for your purchases.


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