Circle Petals Flat Unit Origami

Surfing the Internet I ended up on Pinterest. I do not visit it everyday but clicking sometimes leads me there. This card is an eye catcher.

Circle petals for a Handmade card

Here is the page where Crafts By Happy Stamper blogs about it. There is verbal instructions about the fold, but what if you are a beginner?

A few pictures will help you out and then it will be forever remembered.



Here is a version made with a tile of my own design. circle-petal

Beginner instructions for the circle petal flat unit origami are below.

See how making your own card embellishments give each creation a very individual look. Your cards can have that unique touch that your friends will recognize as yours. Try this pattern and see for yourself.



Circle Petals Flat Unit Origami Instructions

circle petal tutorialcircle petals tutorialflat unit origamidscn9886dscn9887finished-petal

Click photos to enlarge.

  1. Fold circle in half
  2. Fold in half to make four sections. Crease only on edge.
  3. Open and fold one quarter session up.
  4. Fold in half with white side facing out and fold 2nd quarter to match.
  5. Turn over. Bring the edge of fold to the center fold. Crease.
  6. Bring up the other side of center fold. Your petal is complete.

I noticed the first card has very soft creases and it gives the flower a fuller look.

If you were to make a stack of thank your cards a circle squeeze punch would make everything go faster.

Two More Examples of the Petal Fold

circle-petal-fold petal-fold


These paper circles are made with the Martha Stewart Circle Punch. Punch only half of your circle for this look.

The second picture is a fuller flower look. Perfect for spring or Mother’s Day.

The circle cutter can produce circles from six to twelve inches. Wall or hanging decorations are possible.


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