Check Out the Antique Store for Art Space

My friend, Leanne, has four days off every week during the weekend. She loves to cruise the surrounding cities to see what is out there. For the last few months she has been looking for a space to rent for art and craft classes, the bread and butter of her car repair budget.

She knows what the going footage is per square foot in four nearby suburbs. Closer to home she visited the antique row in Pomona. She found that the long standing malls for old stuff looks a bit different. The malls have allowed artists to rent space among all the aged and dated stuff.

Imagine you are browsing antiques and you walk into an art space. I would be surprised and a little excited. A refreshing experience. After all many an art item is made from the very things you are seeing at the antique mall.

Art is not that popular among the Millennials and neither is the old stuff. Lets face it both are getting a turndown in sales. Now if you are in the craft end of art you may be seeing an upsurge in interest, but antique malls would probably benefit in letting the artist setup an eclectic display among the old tables, figurines, vases and glass. For the artist a small space would be fun to design.

So ask your local antique mall if they have space for the artist in town. After all space is at a premium in stores and office space. They may find a niche for you. Everyone likes the workable space and the exposure the space can offer. The malls work different than consignment with a system of tags and tight bookkeeping. Your business cards may get picked up and the website looked at. It is better than keeping those creations in the closet.

Keep exploring all your creative channels and Happy New Year


Check Out the Antique Store for Art Space — 2 Comments

  1. Hey Sherry:

    I like the look of your website and the subject of your post is intriguing. As an artist I had never considered the possibility of approaching an antique store with a proposal for art space. Thanks for the new idea….

    Question: I am wondering how much truth is in your statement that “old” and “art” are not millenial obsessions. Any idea why?

    • Hello Netta, Thank you for your reply and comment. Your question I had to think a moment, but my reply was soon forming from experience in the Farmers Market venues and the small antique section of the City of Covina. The Millennial Gen always quickly strolled by the artist section of our local Farmer’s Market. Every Sunday 8 spaces are reserved for artists. Strolled by, I mean with strollers and many came back through with their bouquets and organic fruits and vegetables.

      My friend and art teacher is now renting space in an antique store and ninety-seven percent or more, browsing the store and the art gallery she has set up, are baby boomers. She also offers classes in the space and no student is younger than 50. Of course, when I was raising my kids I stopped my craft glasses to concentrate on all things children.

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