ACEO and ATC Card Hanging Display Idea

ACEO hanger

Image: paperfacets

This hanger can be used for ACEO card display, sports cards and wallet sized photos and playing cards. I developed them for my tea bag fold ACEO pieces so that the 3D effect of the folded paper can be enjoyed to the fullest.

I call them cordelette hangers. They are an easy way to display your ACEO art cards. Do you have some beautiful ACEO cards in a drawer or no album to put them in? Consider hanging them up the simple way. The cordelette is handy enough to put anywhere and you have instant ACEO display and gratifying enjoyment of your card collections.

ACEO cards are always 3.5 X 2.5 inches. Like a baseball card or a standard Playing Card. The standard wallet sized photo is the same size.

This page gives many examples of this satin nylon hanging ACEO hangerholder. Explore the ACEO cordelette (pronounced core de let) for your ACEO art card display options.

First presented on article writing site Squidoo in 2007.

all photos by paperfacets

ACEO Card Display Ideas

In 2009 I received on order for 50 hangers from an ebay customer. She made 2½ X 3½ inch copies of vintage family photos and used the cordelettes on a wall display. Each family member received the photo and hanger at a big Thanksgiving dinner. She chose 1mm black cord and shorter tails. I was very excited to be able to help her out with this unique idea.

2014 A wildlife caretaker ordered hangers for her raccoon collection of photos. All photos were wallet sized.

ACT hanger

ATC hangerATC hanger

My Search for the perfect name for this ACEO hanger

I had this idea but I wanted to have a good name for it. Something that would say it all. I started searching the Internet with the words “nylon cord.”

It did not take me long to find cordelette.

Eliah Kagan, a caver explains, “A cordelette, as most of you probably know, is a big loop of accessory cord used to tie load-sharing anchors between multiple (typically three, sometimes two) anchor points,” at

I have four anchor points. It sounded French so there was my new word for marketing.

Handmade ACEO Display

The hangers are hand knotted when an order is requested. Nylon rattail code is used in 1mm or 2mm sized code in a color requested. At this time, I have 1mm black code, and 2mm in black, silver and red.

I designed this idea in 2007, the year I made a few dozen ACEO cards with folded papers. I took the tea bag folded rosette and broke out of the pizza shape mold. A few examples are on this page.

See a few more at my Flickr Album ACEO.

Maybe You Want To Make Your Own Miniature Art – Buy Books about ACEO

There are books about ACEO or ATC to get you started making your own. Sell on ebay or Etsy. It’s easy and fun.

There are thousands of ACEO choices on eBay. See them here.

ATC hangerATC hangerATC hanger






These hangers are available for $2.50 each with $4.00 shipping. Message me through Paperfacets FB page.

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