Origami Halloween Fun With Bats

It has been almost 8 years the bat has been a major focus of my Halloween decorations. The origami bat, that is. Fun, entertaining and easy too. I have used the origami bats for photos, home decor, craft items to sell and give away. I like to blog about this simple craft and teach others to escape for a few hours and make something frivolous.

An example are these Halloween bookmarks. Don’t want to give candy? This is another option.

Origami Bat Bookmark

Origami Bat Bookmark

The directions for this origami pattern can been seen at How to Make Origami Bats for Halloween.

And the bookmark instruction page is here at How To Origami Bat Bookmark.

Last is an idea page compiled over the years with photos of all the bat decor stuff I have made. You may think I am a little batty after seeing all the bat items made and photographed. Give it a visit too. After all, Halloween is almost here and it is only All For Fun.

How to Artfully Decorate With Halloween Origami Bats.

Once you have learned this bat fold show it to the grand kids, to the Girl Scout Troop, and students in the classroom. You will be teacher’s pet for a day.

Circle Petals Flat Unit Origami

Surfing the Internet I ended up on Pinterest. I do not visit it everyday but clicking sometimes leads me there. This card is an eye catcher.

Circle petals for a Handmade card

Here is the page where Crafts By Happy Stamper blogs about it. There is verbal instructions about the fold, but what if you are a beginner?

A few pictures will help you out and then it will be forever remembered.



Here is a version made with a tile of my own design. circle-petal

Beginner instructions for the circle petal flat unit origami are below.

See how making your own card embellishments give each creation a very individual look. Your cards can have that unique touch that your friends will recognize as yours. Try this pattern and see for yourself.



Circle Petals Flat Unit Origami Instructions

circle petal tutorialcircle petals tutorialflat unit origamidscn9886dscn9887finished-petal

Click photos to enlarge.

  1. Fold circle in half
  2. Fold in half to make four sections. Crease only on edge.
  3. Open and fold one quarter session up.
  4. Fold in half with white side facing out and fold 2nd quarter to match.
  5. Turn over. Bring the edge of fold to the center fold. Crease.
  6. Bring up the other side of center fold. Your petal is complete.

I noticed the first card has very soft creases and it gives the flower a fuller look.

If you were to make a stack of thank your cards a circle squeeze punch would make everything go faster.

Two More Examples of the Petal Fold

circle-petal-fold petal-fold


These paper circles are made with the Martha Stewart Circle Punch. Punch only half of your circle for this look.

The second picture is a fuller flower look. Perfect for spring or Mother’s Day.

The circle cutter can produce circles from six to twelve inches. Wall or hanging decorations are possible.

Making Handmade Cards

It has been 18 months since quitting the Farmer’s Market and for about a year no new handmade cards were coming from my craft desk. It has been a mixed relief and a sadness for this creator.

Having a ten year relationship with the Homestead Museum,  I received an invitation for a craft presentation for Christmas 2015. It was fun to work on that Holiday project. The invitation reminded me of their annual Ticket to the Twenties Event and I am so happy to have a vendor spot at this event for 2016 on October 1 and 2, 3pm to 7pm both days.

This was a chance to respark the activity of making handmade cards again. The target is different because the Twenties era is the theme and designing with art deco inspirations started in May.

Creating my own tiles for folding was my main objective for the October event. I will outline the process in this ongoing blog.tea-bag-folding-tiles

The small print of the three girls was bought at the Pasadena Flea Market. On the back it is penciled 1925. Artist is John Smith. The fashion dress girl is original design I worked on this summer. The jury is still not out on it as a folding tile. The others are clip art I modified for my folding purposes. I used the old-fashion cut and paste, plus scan with the help of the free program LunaPic.  This project has been enjoyable. See the Festival information at Homestead Museum Ticket to the Twenties Festival and my Event invite on Facebook Event Announcement.

I have a bucket hat, white blouse and skirt to wear for the roaring twenties theme and I hope to see you there.

Making  Handmade Cards for Ticket to the Twenties

Update Sept. 16, 2016 – Step One

After a square tile, using LunaPic, has been designed it is time to print some tea bag folding tiles. The free program for this task is Apache Open Office 4. Use the Drawing tab to size and place 2 inch squares, then print. This part of the designs has taken considerable time. I located and learned the nuances of the two programs mentioned. There is some satisfaction knowing I can reuse the skills learned for other themed greeting cards.


I have been making cards in this assembly line fashion for about 10 years. The first task is fold embellishments. For this art deco themed project all the finished embellishments are going into a pink depression bowl.

art-deco-card-ideas art-deco-cards


As the process advances I will post more pictures.

Making Handmade Cards

Update Sept. 23, 2016 – Step Two

Now I sit down at the craft desk. At the moment the desk is in the dining room. Remember that it does not matter where in your house you do crafting, it is your passion and your house.

This part of the process is doing the color mix and matching. I take one embellishment and coordinate with the trove of papers collected to formulate a unique design. Prompts are taken from the embellishment, the papers, ribbons, punches, theme goals, and last spontaneity to form a design.

The main goal is to formulate the theme and colors, cut backgrounds or choose the background colors and select the cardstock for the card. I use solid colored cardstock and all hues of whites. Each loosely designed card is stacked and set aside for gluing and final finishes.

This phase will have me walking to two different rooms in the house because storage of supplies is not centralized. At the beginning of this art endeavor everything was in the master bedroom closet, but supplies are everything to the craft person and other cabinets started being filled.


At the lower right of this pic is a growing stack of loosely designed greetings.

This procedure can be applied to cards designed with cricut machines and producing diecuts.

Final Card Making Step

Update Oct. 8, 2016 – Step Three

In the photo above at the lower left are the predesigned cards. I have already cut and scored the cardstock for 5X7 inch greetings. Finishing the cards includes final embellishments, such as, ribbons, embossing, precision cuts for the background papers and gluing.

I use photo squares for the final mounting to avoid glue wrinkling on the inside of the card. I made 4X6 inch cards to match blue envelopes I bought at a yard sale. Yard sales sometimes have unused stationery kits that can be good sources for envelopes or paper to fold.

Examples of the Neo-art deco cards.


When I first started making cards I tended to carry it through from fold to finish and I found out it was stressful, because of the time involved. With this assembly line method the stress is only manifested in the finishing touches when everything has to be just so.


The Roaring Twenties Festival on Oct. 1 and 2nd was fun, as was the whole process of making the cards just for the event. Thank you to all those that stopped and visited my display and even bought items.


Make Paper Rosettes with Circles

make a tree from one circle of paper

Idea #9 at HubPages

A step by step tutorial at HubPages offers full instructions on how to make paper rosettes. The pattern uses paper circles and is widely discussed on the Web, but this page offers 9 original ideas on how to use the pattern for various looks that will keep a paper crafter creating for almost every occasion.

If you have a circle cutter and it has been sitting unused bring it out for this pattern. An example of the very simplest treatment of the pattern is the Christmas tree. Double-sided origami paper made the tags shown here. I have seen bigger examples on cards. It is made with a half circle.


Make A Simple Greeting Card

This example below of the eight circle rosette one a simple greeting card is the easiest because the eight circles do not need to be alike. A review for the Creative Memories Circle Cutter is indexed here under ‘Reviews’ if you should need to have a circle cutter.simplest paper flower rosette

A Fiskars die cutting machine would be the premier tool to have because it accepts dies from other manufactures.

Browse the other ideas at the HubPages article and give the circle cutter a whirl for the money put out for it.

Have fun paper crafting, SherryV


How to Handmade Card Business – The Home Craft Business

A few years ago I wrote an article about my experience with a handmade card business. It is still up and on the Internet and generating visits. In England, the country I consider the biggest fans of handmade cards, handmade card businessI was fortunate to draw a forum following and I was delighted about someone being interested in my tips.

In California, we have a tax system called “sales tax”, some states do not have this tax and at retirement people actually move from California because of this tax and earned income tax. My only point in bringing this up is this year I am overdue. Again. It is due by January 31st and doing it is not difficult, because the online form is easy to use. Now I have the penalty to pay. If you have a business with big sales you would pay every month, if you were smart.

One reason I procrastinate is I did not enter sales in my monthly accounting system. I have a year’s pile of receipts to ledger and add up. An outline on how to do this is explained in Start A Handmade Card Business – Budget Tips for Starting Out. Many other tips will apply to anyone in most states or countries.

The basic tips can be applied to any home craft business. There is always the few areas of any endeavor that is not a favorite to do. Other aspects make it worth the cost, and maybe you can earn profits for supply shopping trips and a little extra cash.

If I can do it you can too with organization and a healthy dose of desire and intensity. The last thing: is enjoy your chosen area of interest.

Tea Bag Folding Papers

I have found a new Internet website that offers tea bag folding papers. I always take pleasure in finding something new on the web about TBF.

tea bag folding papers as PDFMaybe you have seen this site before but I am sharing this just in case you have not. Brightly printed kaleidoscope 2 inch squares, circles and soon 1-inch squares too. The site is called origamitwist.com and there is also a FB Page. Look for Origami Twist on Youtube too. I found the website through a Pinterest Board.

There is an easy shopping cart to use for your purchases and PayPal is the method, making new tea bag folding papers easy to buy. The single best thing about this site is the orders are simply emailed to you as a PDF file. Once you receive the file in email, copy and print on your home printer. Use a couple of coats of clear Deft spray to waterproof if you do not have a laser printer. If you prefer laser bring the file to Staples or other copy printing store.

If you have been fussy about the brightness of your tile colors printing on a jet printer produces better copies. A couple of light coats of clear spray will help protect the colors from running.

No disappointments from Origami Twist: a free page is offered on Freebie of the Day so you can see what you will be getting.

More about tea bag folding papers here.

Last month I discovered Misterart.com. Compare prices with other big name card blanks for greeting card makingcraft and art sites. American Craft 5×7 inch blanks in 6 bright colors will match many of Origami Twist colors and are priced less than $4.50 for 12 cards and envelopes.

I have personally purchased the red for Valentine’s Day and loved the hue. The card stock is a little light on weight, but does a good job for any informal greeting. Linen textured.

Enjoy something new today,


Check Out the Antique Store for Art Space

My friend, Leanne, has four days off every week during the weekend. She loves to cruise the surrounding cities to see what is out there. For the last few months she has been looking for a space to rent for art and craft classes, the bread and butter of her car repair budget.

She knows what the going footage is per square foot in four nearby suburbs. Closer to home she visited the antique row in Pomona. She found that the long standing malls for old stuff looks a bit different. The malls have allowed artists to rent space among all the aged and dated stuff.

Imagine you are browsing antiques and you walk into an art space. I would be surprised and a little excited. A refreshing experience. After all many an art item is made from the very things you are seeing at the antique mall.

Art is not that popular among the Millennials and neither is the old stuff. Lets face it both are getting a turndown in sales. Now if you are in the craft end of art you may be seeing an upsurge in interest, but antique malls would probably benefit in letting the artist setup an eclectic display among the old tables, figurines, vases and glass. For the artist a small space would be fun to design.

So ask your local antique mall if they have space for the artist in town. After all space is at a premium in stores and office space. They may find a niche for you. Everyone likes the workable space and the exposure the space can offer. The malls work different than consignment with a system of tags and tight bookkeeping. Your business cards may get picked up and the website looked at. It is better than keeping those creations in the closet.

Keep exploring all your creative channels and Happy New Year

Make This Paper Christmas Craft at the Homestead Museum

Paper Christmas Craft

Zig-Zag fold for paper Christmas trees to hang



Saturday December 19th the Homestead Museum in City of Industry, CA is having a toy gift donation and walk throughs of Holiday decorated Temple and Workman homes. Bring an unwrapped toy or $4.00 donation. $2.00 seniors and students.

Browse the homes and imagine what the Holiday might have been back seventies years or more.

Paper Christmas Craft

Also in the planning is crafts for all ages to enjoy making for $2.00-$4.00 dollars each. I am busy gathering the supplies for this zig-zag fold hanging Christmas tree. Come and enjoy the fun. For making the trees at home I have instructions and a supplies list at 9 Ideas for Zig Zag Fold Paper Rosettes.

Go down the page to Idea #8. You may already have all the supplies you need for a party craft session of your own. The trees can be personalized with themes in mind for that special person. The half circles for the trees can be of any themed papers you have on hand. Flowered paper can be decorated for grandparents, camping papers can be embellished for a Dad’s tree ornament.

Trees can be folded and prepared ahead for the tiny tots in the group. Have plenty of colorful punchouts and buttons, etc. for decorating the paper tree with the use of a easy to handle gluestick.

For further information is the Homestead Museum calendar or call for information.

Paperfacets’ On HubPages Too

Paperfacets has been writing about tea bag folding since 2007 when I wrote about ACEO versions of the technique I was making for sale on eBay. I have several HubPages about tea bag folding that may be of interest to you.

I have all the articles listed at Tea Bag Folding Resources On HubPages. From there you can link to tutorials and photo galleries.

DSCN0282 - Copy (2)

I think the tea bag folding style of paper craft has dropped in popularity since about 2009 when new easy to use cutting machines were made affordable. Companies like Jolee started marketing card and scrapbook embellishments and stickers by the thousands.  Now a whole aisle at Michael’s may have thousands of cute, sophisticated and classy looking items to decorate paper surfaces with.

Crisp, clean cards can be crafted in no time with these easy to use elements of all kinds of textures including metal, glass, ribbons, punched shapes; there is endless items, and the aisles are fun for shopping. Honestly, though, it is a bit hard to design something unique and looking your own with these items.

Too, all new looks go out and look tired after a while, and tea bag folding was first introduced in the late 1990’s in craft book publications. That was a different century! I like to call it flat unit origami now because it is easier to explain what is evolved in making an embellishment. Origami is immensely popular and our technique presents the folds in a flat easy to mail version. Many times a rosette is a pretty patterned kaleidoscope from afar but up close can reveal a theme or motif like a bird or a skull.

Our website here is new and still needs time to grow with new ideas, so visit the Hubpages because they have much to explore. Also there is a link page of other artist’s presence and contributions on the Internet about tea bag folding.

Mostly, I want to show everyone how a craft involvement can be interesting, sparking related and unrelated ideas for fun, enjoyment and work.

Grand Opening of Handmade Greeting Cards

handmade greeting cards for saleAfter a month of trial and error, I now have many of our handmade greeting cards for sale and viewing at Paperfacets.com

Look under the ‘Shop’ tab at the right side of the menu. I have the cards divided up in sub-categories and you will see more subcategories in the future.

If you have questions do not hesitate to ask and I will do my best to make your purchase rewarding and worth your time.

Please keep in mind that all colors will be brighter and more vibrant than the pictures. I do not use extra packaging such a cello envelopes to hold the costs down, as well as, cutting out all unnecessary materials. I reuse boxes and ship ground USPS. With most items I can ship three in one mailer for $1.70.

You can use your credit card when in PayPal.